concrete waterproofing systems

Our unique waterproofing service gives you the peace of mind that your investment will be well protected against the elements!

Make sure that your foundation or basement is protected against flooding by using our waterproofing expertise.

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We work with home builders, contractors, architects, designers, developers and masonry experts. We provide outsourced concrete services to organizations who need to bring in an expert to ensure the job gets done right the first time and maximize their potential for profit by providing the highest level of service at the most affordable cost possible. We save everyone money in the long run!

Unique concrete waterproofing services

Deck & Between Slab

• Seamless waterproofing membrane (fully reinforced option).
• Provides an excellent substrate for grout and mortar beds.
• Drainage composites can be included.

Blindside Waterproofing

• Complete drainage composite coverage to the exterior of wall.
• Fully adhered waterproofing membrane to structural wall.
• Seamless detailing of transitions and penetrations.

Moisture/Gas Barrier

• Multiple barriers.
• Seamless construction.
• Built in protection courses.

Tunnel / Underground Structures

• Complete enveloping of the structure.
• Redundant waterproofing barriers.
• Installed on green (uncured) concrete.

Moisture Barrier

• Redundant waterproofing and protection courses.
• No sand layer required, concrete may be placed directly.
• Complete water and vapor protection.

Above Grade Air Barrier

• Excellent air vapor and moisture control
• Can be applied to wide range of substrates.
• Cost effective

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why is it important?

Waterproofing can save you money!
Don't take the risk of not waterproofing your concrete investments, protect the foundation upon which your building sits and relax your mind knowing that your construction project is secure.
Lower your insurance rates!
Homeowners and commerical property insurance companies give discounts on policy holders that have a recognized waterproofing solution in place, you can save a lot of money!
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Did you know?

Waterproofing can actually provide protection for your home or commercial building's foundation against rust, mold and mildew?


Waterproofing repairs

  • Crystalline Negative Side System
  • • Repairs leaks from inside the basement.
  • • Total wall repair.
  • Urethane Injection System
  • • Repairs leaks from inside the basement.
  • • Stops leaks at the source.
  • • Most efficient and economical method.
  • Total Waterproofing Renewal
  • • Excavate soil to footing.
  • • Remove existing waterproofing (if any).